Esther Cuisine will be closing early at 5 p.m. on May 29 & May 30. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


African & Caribbean Food

(formerly Fu-Fu Cuisine)
3633 W Camelback Rd Ste# 7  

Phoenix, AZ 85019
Monday - Sunday 12PM -7PM 
Closed Wednesdays

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A fusion of flavor
in every plate.

Start your culinary travel to Africa with our award-winning Pof Pofs, Nigerian doughnuts. 
The Yassa Chicken, Goat Curry, and whole Deep-Fried Tilapia are customer favorites! 
Prefer the Caribbean? Enjoy Jerk-style chicken thighs nestled with beans and rice. 

Each plate can be made with mild, hot, or extra-spicy levels  to accommodate your Foodie adventures.

About Esther Cuisine

Esther Agaba has blended her life experiences to bring ethnic food to your table. 
She always had an interest and dedication to serving people.

"People are surprised that I am so calm,
but I'm a hard worker -- I don't like to give up; I like to push through."

Growing up in her Nigeria, Esther knew she had big dreams. Circumstances blessed her to attended high school in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The seasonings inspired her to master Jerk style. "You can see the African influence, but Caribbean food is all its own," commented Agaba. This chef apprenticed for 9 years as a caterer to learn her kitchen magic.  She proudly cast her first restaurant - Fu-Fu Cuisine. Now 3 years later, she renamed it how all her regular customers remember: Esther Cuisine. 

Come and taste the craft of Esther's world of flavors from a wide variety of cultures in Phoenix. 
Welcome home!